Plan B Recovery &
Transport Services LLC

PO Box 2081
Michigan City, IN 46361

Phone 219.221.1693
After Hours 219.898.5784
Fax 219.861.0711



Plan B Recovery & Transport Services LLC provides skip tracing services for your hard-to-find collateral. We utilize TLO online investigative systems, which is a valuable tool that provides the following information:

  • Names, Aliases, and SSNs
  • Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Liens, Judgments, and Criminal History
  • Current and Historical Addresses
  • Phone Numbers including Listed and Unlisted Landlines, Cell Phones, and Utilities Data
  • Relatives, Neighbors and Associates
  • Assets including Property, Vehicles, and More
  • Licenses including Professional, Driverís, and More
  • Email addresses and Social Networks
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